Chiropractic: Dr. Tieman utilizes many different chiropractic techniques. She uses traditional techniques and other, specialized approaches, which she may choose to help make you feel better. Some of these approaches include the Flexion Distraction Technique. This approach is especially good for herniated or bulging disks. Another approach is the Activator Technique. This low-force technique is especially good for those people who are uncomfortable with the traditional "cracking" techniques.

Dr. Tieman participates in most insurance plans. She also accepts Worker's Compensation, No-Fault, and Medicare. Co-payments and deductibles may apply specific to each individual policy. If you are not covered by insurance, you are also welcome. Please call the office for the fee schedule.

Nutrition: Dr. Tieman offers a nutritional consultation for any health-concerns you may have. Dietary interventions are the main focus of the treatment plan, as well as some nutritional supplementation. Nutritional assessment may be accomplished by using advanced laboratory testing, including delayed sensitivity allergy testing (IGg), microbial testing (for bacteria and pathogens), as well as other tests. Nutritional consultation is not covered by insurance, and the initial consultation fee is $125. The second visit is $75. Any follow-up visits thereafter are $50. The consultation is comprehensive and additional testing may be recommended. See the online Health Assessment Self-Test to evaluate your current health.

Tuesday: 9AM to 12PM & 4PM to 7PM
Thursday: 9AM to 12PM & 4PM to 7PM
Saturday: 9AM to 12PM